Virtual reality (VR) is defined as the computer technology and innovation used in generating images that are realistically bound in what people actually see, hear and other sensory inputs and outputs, replicating an environment in the real human world, and thereby simulating a user’s actual physical experience in a given environment setting. It uses special display screen, projectors and other devices to enable the user to make interactive dealings with space and any objects, for an immersive and realistic simulation within an environment which is three-dimensional. Virtual reality uses interactive hardware and software that creates simulations that are immersive and real experiences involving body movements, visualization, audio effects and other sensations with the aid of a computer and other online gadgets. Click here to know why virtual reality is about to change the world!

With computerized technology and innovation, virtual reality makes it possible to integrate real experiences with fiction, animated or fantasy, with the aid of VR equipment such as googles or virtual reality headset (head-mounted display or HMD), computer, projector screen and smartphone or tablet. The user experiences a complete spherical videos and surrounding sound effect from a VR video camera, to allow the user to focus solely on the digital content, thereby cutting off all outside stimuli and complete emerging with the virtual reality environment is experienced. The actual physical state in virtual reality is totally a complete immersion and interaction of the real world from the artificial world, making it real as the term implies. Read more about the difference between augmented reality vs virtual reality at this link.

Virtual reality has promising advantages in the field of training and education, entertainment, engineering, fine arts, heritage and archaeology, architecture, urban design, health and fitness, sports, and marketing and eCommerce. Indeed, the consumers and retailers are continuously embracing virtual reality that started in the gaming world, and now is evolving towards other product as and services, affecting a wider coverage, such as reading and storytelling, fashion’s mix and match, home and design, advertising, and food design.

Many businesses are exploring means to be able to adapt to “virtual reality”, to give the best products and services, allowing consumers to experience the VR world. Thus, virtual reality is expanding and influencing many retailers, manufacturers, advertisers and consumers, which is another mark in eCommerce, creating a significant impact for the future businesses and lifestyle. Virtual reality is a clear indication that the modern world is continuously finding ways to make impossible things now possible, adding more benefits and hope for the future, geared towards utmost consumer satisfaction, building customer loyalty, trust and confidence, and making this world a better place.


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